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Your business is a direct reflection of your hard work and passion. Plutus Loans will provide you with the working capital necessary to help your business grow and expand. You can obtain a working capital advance within three days to be used for any business purpose.

Why Choose Plutus Loans for Your Business Cash Advance:

    Cash quickly – in as little as 72 hours!
    Receive up to $500,000 (the amount varies based on credit card sales)
    High approval rate (Over 93%)
    Approval in as little as 4 hours!
    Flexibility – you are free to use the funds however you choose
    Our “no hassle” customer service – we work for you!
    This is an unsecured advance of cash with a flexible payback method

Advantages of Using Plutus Loans:

    No Personal Guarantees
    No credit score requirement
    No closing costs
    No financial statements needed
    No minimum payments